Understanding differences, overcoming contradictions

        In 1947 prominent soviet scientists, servicemen and politics initiated the creation of the All-Union Society for dissemination of political and scientific knowledge. Subsequently, the Society obtained short title “Znanie”, however during its whole history it dealt with both scientific and political education. This tradition is continued by International Association “Znanie”, which became legal successor of the All-Union Society in 1991.
        The heading “Political Knowledge” on our site will be hosted by well-known German political scientist Alexander Rahr .
Below there are references to his articles, interviews, commentaries and books.

        Alexander Rahr, graduate of Munich University, international political scientist from Germany, was born on March 2, 1959 in Taipei (Taiwan). His father Gleb Alexandrovich Rahr was prominent figure of white emigration, his mother – Sofia Vasilievna Rahr (nee Orekhova).
        A.Rahr is director of Russian/Eurasian programs of the German Council for Foreign Relations. He is a member of committee of Forum “St.-Petersburg Dialogue”. He is professor emeritus of MGIMO (Moscow State Institute for International Relations). He is member of the Board of “YES” (Yalta European Strategy) international network. Member of the Valday Club. Holder of the highest award of Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesverdienstkreuz) for his contribution to the development of relations between Germany and Russia.
        A.Rahr is the author of some political bestsellers: biography of M.S.Gorbachev (1986), book “A German in Kremlin” (2000), “Russia is dropping the hammer”, “Putin after Putin. The capitalistic Russia on the threshold of new world order” (2008).


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